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  • Bangs and WI-FI Connection


    If you’re asking yourself why am I looking at my phone like some phone addict, let me explain myself again. A lot of you asked me on Instagram, how I make this type of photos: If you’re taking your photos with your phone, that’s easy to handle, but if you’re taking your photos with a DSLR, […]

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  • MyProtein Women’s Sports Wear


    Okay, before you scroll down and see that I’m practically half naked at the beginning of March, let me explain myself. These photos were not shot this weekend, these photos were taken in August, and I somehow forgot to post them? I don’t know what happened, but I had apparently so much stuff to post […]

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  • Jacket Dream Come true


    I wanted this jacket for exactly forever! I fell in love with it during refreshing Zara’s online store (thinking maybe the price will drop), spoiler alert, it didn’t! Zara’s jacket is black, and it will forever be my first crush, but this jacket is just heaven! I can’t believe I finally have a proper biker […]

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  • Glamorous


    I’m so excited about these next few posts! I missed street style so much! I haven’t had the chance just to go out and shoot some stuff because the weather was just horrible and life happened, but I’m so happy to be back on track! I have to say I’m obsessed with this look! I […]

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  • Galaxie On My Midi Skirt


    Well, I would love to think there’s going to be spring soon, but my dreams crashed after my first glance out the window this morning. There was snow. What a horror! I love snow don’t get me wrong, I just don’t like the cold that comes with it. I’m glad I did this photo shoot […]