Little Things That Make My Home Smell Like Heaven

Hello, my loves, and welcome to the very first post of 2022. I really hope you spent your holidays with people you love. I know I’m quite late with the wishes but I really do wish you all the best in 2022.

Today I’m going to talk about little things that make my home smell like heaven. I’m quite obsessed with notes that make you feel warm and fuzzy. But I never really overdo it when it comes to home fragrances because they make my head hurt if there’s too much of it.

That’s why I have different fragrances for different rooms in our apartment.

I’ve already written about different waxes that smell like you’ve just stepped on a cloud and my favorite to use is Welcome Home by Country candle. It has both fresh and warm notes. I use it with my aroma light in the living room and sometimes in the kitchen if I want to freshen up the scent.

In my closets, I usually use laundry cascades one from Millefiori or Mr&Mrs fragrance.  One has a soft and fresh smell while the other one has more wooden notes and that’s typical me. I really can’t decide between those two.

And the last thing I use is kind of unordinary but I still use it. I use scented I wouldn’t say pendant but you know exactly what I’m talking about in our bathrooms. I know they’re usually used in a car, but the smell is just too overpowering for me in a car so I use it in both of our bathrooms. I just hang it up on our racks and that’s it.



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