I have always been in love with fashion and photography. I know that sounds like a cliché, but it’s the truth. I remember the day when I first saw an episode of America’s Next Top Model, and Sex and the City. After I had seen those two shows, I became obsessed. They really had me going. Tyra taught me a lot of things, and the main thing she taught me, is to always make it fashion! And that Carry character from Sex and the City… I mean she was sick! She combined the most outrageous outfits, and she looked like she owned the whole New York, when she walked down the street just to get the Bible, I’m talking about Vogue. If you watched that show, you know what I mean. Her character is the living proof that fashion has no boundaries.
So I had started to photograph my friends, and people have started to dig it. I’ve never really dared to start a blog, because I had some issues with my self esteem, but I really think I’ve passed that period in my life. So here it is! I want to say that this isn’t strictly a fashion blog; this is kind of my diary with glimpses of my humble and simple life.


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