This is the place where I used to play as a child. It’s a place where I fell and bruised myself, cried for 5 seconds and then play again as nothing happened. It’s a place where my friend told me she had a crush on our schoolmate. It’s a place where me and my childhood […]


Let’s start today’s post with a poem, because why not?? Rules of Autumn: –    Kiss the leaves before they show you their true colors. –    Study your own fingerprints until you find out your history. –    Smile at every stranger. –    Go deep inside yourself until you get to the spinning light. Stay there. –    […]


There’s a certain point in your life when you start noticing that you’re changing. Your mind is changing and extending to a whole new level, your body is changing, and you can’t afford to have a couch ass from sitting that much and eating last crumbs of nachos off of your shirt. You have to […]