Where Have I Been?

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted regularly on this platform. I still remember how I started, and I was all in, or nothing. I said to myself I will never miss a week, but in the meantime, so many things happened. New opportunities came by, and I just had to invest all of my time in them, but I’m really sad I neglected my blog.

I became a content creator for a few brands now. I create photos so they can use them on their platforms, which in my profession is just a dream come true. The best thing is that you all of a sudden become friends with these people from which you learn so much about business in general, how to work with a client, how to set a proper budget and cherish what you create.

I caught myself in thought when I was seeking for inspiration on other blogs from women who I admire for as long as I can remember. They haven’t been posting as much either, but I saw that they all expended their business into something bigger. Some of them have launched their cothing brand or hair products, or they started a jewelry business. And I’m happy for them!! But it all got me thinking where do I want to expend all of this and truth been told I’m already doing what I love. Mixing fashion with photography is such a dream come true.

I have to say as soon as the cold weather kicks in I sometimes feel more inspired to write. When it’s summertime all I want is to be outside and enjoy the weather for as long as we have sunny days.

I have some fantastic projects coming, and I can’t wait to share them with you. I’m also visiting a country I’ve wanted to visit for my entire life, and that’s Scotland. I will try to create as many photos as I can and share that with you.

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