Bag Crush

Raise your hand if you love the staw bag trend this year? Oh, my I’m completely in love with it! It’s so cute and so nonchalant, you can pair it with practically everything, and it will look absolutely beautiful. I’m sorry I have been so absent, but my life is insane right now! I have […]

Paper Boy

Who doesn’t love a good pair of trousers that give you that office vibe? High waisted paper bag trousers are having a moment this year, and I have to admit I embraced this trend, because why wouldn’t I? I’m the one always telling you that you should need to own a pair of good high […]


I have yet another look from Tally Weijl for you. I’m super in love with jeans shorts, but they have to be a particular kind of type. I don’t like those shorty shorts, because well, I’m not a teen anymore, but I looooveee this length and high waisted cut! They’re super comfortable, while we’re at […]

Blue Lagoon

So apparently, red hair and blue color go together like fries and ketchup. So I’m going to get into details and what I love about this one! First, I love that it’s mesh on the upper part and then it just upgrades to the most wonderful A-line, I would say midi dress. And now the […]


This is the place where I used to play as a child. It’s a place where I fell and bruised myself, cried for 5 seconds and then play again as nothing happened. It’s a place where my friend told me she had a crush on our schoolmate. It’s a place where me and my childhood […]