What I Got Myself For Valentine’s Day

While valentine’s day is already far gone, I haven’t forgotten to share what I got myself for the day that celebrates love.
While days are still filled with so much cold my mind is already set onto summer days.
I can’t really believe how long winter is and how short those summer months are, but to be honest, winter has served us so many beautiful sunny days so I can’t really complain.

I always wanted something from Dolce&Gabanna they have such a profound and esthetically rich history. I’ve always admired their clothes and jewelry especially, but I set my eyes on their fragrance this time.

As I said before my mind is already set on warm sunny days and I found just the perfect fragrance to accompany those, it’s their Light Blue fragrance.
Another thing I absolutely loved is the packaging. It just screams Italy to me the colors, the painting oh my. Absolutely gorgeous!!
The scent is fruity and sweet which is my absolute favorite. Even Bond was drawn to smell.

I can’t wait to wear it this summer.
I love perfumes in general not only because they smell amazing, but because every scent reminds me of a specific period in my life.
This scent will be the scent of summer 2022 I guess.


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