Three Lipsticks I Can’t Live Without

You already know it took me my whole teen years to finally start wearing makeup. Even now, I don’t really wear a whole lot of makeup since my face was just not built for an insane amount of it. I really like to keep it minimal.

Even now, I’m still in a search of the best makeup products especially when it comes to lipsticks. But I can officially say, I found my favorite three lipsticks and I honestly can’t imagine my life without them.

It also took me many years to figure out what type of shade is the most appropriate since my skin is snow white actually. Bit then again I can mix tones up when summer comes since I use self-tanner.

The first lipstick I’m obsessed with is Chanel Rouge Coco in shade Etienne

I don’t know why it took me so long to finally start using Chanel, their products are out of this world. They last extremely long. You also have to know that I never use lipstick as a normal person would, I actually just tap it on my lips and that’s my recipe for a perfect lip.

Another one is more lipgloss than lipstick and it’s this gem from Chanel as well. It’s Rouge allure ink fusion in the shade Ambiguite

It almost makes it a brown color but it’s not extreme, again I use tapping motion and everything looks super natural. This one goes so well with my self-tan that’s why I love using it in the summer.

And last but definitely not least is lipgloss from The Balm in shade Adoring.

I absolutely love this brand!! From their primers to their eyeshadows, everything is superb! That’s why I never really hesitated to buy and try out their lipglosses.



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