The One Deodorant I swear by

Hello my loves, today we’ll be talking about deodorants.

I don’t know if you already know, I mean, you know if you follow me on Instagram, but I’m pregnant. I’m officially 27 weeks and a day-long as we speak.

So many things change when you get pregnant, trust me it’s not only your weight, emotions, the amount of cellulite you get, insomnia, etc. I feel like your whole skin PH changes due to hormonal imbalance and as soon as I got pregnant I really wanted to transform not the whole makeup and body care, just little bits.

I started using natural toothpaste, I started using shampoos and shower gels without any SLS, ALS, etc. and I also decided to change my deodorant. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t putting horrible things on my body before getting pregnant, but now I just like to take extra precautions, just in case.

I used to use Borotalco deodorant and it did magic for me for 7 years, but as I got pregnant, it did nothing for me, no matter how much I’ve used it, how many times I showered, the smell of the deodorant just vanished after a few hours.


So I decided to try something else. I found several natural deodorants, one of them being Schmidt’s. I really loved this one, it’s vegan and it doesn’t have any type of aluminum. The sad thing about it is that it has sodium bicarbonate and that gave me the most intense rash I’ve ever had. First I thought it was just some sort of pigmentation due to pregnancy which is really common. You get pigmentation around your breasts, under your armpits and some women experience pigmentation on their faces as well.

So I just thought that’s pigmentation but after a workout and a shower, I put on the deodorant and the rash started to burn and I instantly knew something was wrong, so I did some research and I got myself probably the cleanest deodorant out there which is Vinofresh by Caudalie.


This one has no alcohol, no aluminum, and no sodium bicarbonate. It also doesn’t have fragrance but it does have a particular fresh scent. It’s created for pregnant ladies and breastfeeding moms.

I cannot say this one does the job all the way, but it’s better than the ones I used before and the rash disappeared, thank God!

You can also pick one for yourself under Natural deodorants, the choice is really versitile.


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