My Favorite Sunscreen

When it comes to sunscreen I always try to invest in a really good one. I’ve been using Eucerin for a year now, and I love their Oil-control range since my skin really is oily rather than dry. I swear I get so dewy in summer people might just mistake me for a Sun.

What this sunscreen does is protect your skin from getting extremely dewy and oily.  Some people like it, I bet they’re the ones with dry skin. People with dry skin actually tend to use products to make their skin look dewy, and people with oily skin try everything in their power to make their skin look, well.. not really dry, but less oily. We always want things that we can’t have, funny right?

To be honest, I personally don’t mind it anymore, I did when I was younger and I had no idea what to use to cover all of that up, but I kind of outgrew that phase and I really don’t mind it anymore. But if there’s some type of a product that I use on a daily basis, and helps me cover it up just a little bit, then I’m fine with that.

I really can’t stress enough how important is to use sunscreen every single day, not only in summer or when there’s sun outside, but really every single day no matter what the season is.

Some other products that I also use from the Eucerin range is their sun gel-cream which is also oil control. I use it mostly on my body. And their Sun Sensitive Protect sun spray, which you can use wither on your body or your face just make sure it doesn’t get into your eyes. It got into my eyes a few times and I cried like a little baby.

Do you use it on a daily basis?


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