My SkinCare Routine

Hello, my loves; it’s time for a brand new post. This time I’m going to talk to you about my skincare routine. Korean skincare products were introduced to me one year ago. I was visiting my twin friends, and they’re pretty much obsessed with Korean skincare. They showed me a brand called Mizon, and I immediately felt the urge to try it out.

I started ordering one cream at a time to ensure I was not spending money on something that was just going to break me out.

Now, all the Mizon products have snail mucin, and I know you probably think that’s disgusting. I could never try that out myself. I have to say I wasn’t horrified by all that snail mucin idea, I also researched how they got the snail mucin, and everything was snail friendly. 🙂

I’m delighted with using their products because Its ingredients, specifically Centella Asiática extracted from plants and other natural ingredients, soothe the skin. Snail mucus filtrates the skin, providing strength to the skin barrier, and balances the skin’s oil, which is perfect for me.

Before I got pregnant, I did a 10-step Korean skincare routine for one year, and I’m telling you, the results were phenomenal. But as I got pregnant, I didn’t have enough energy, to be honest, and I tried to minimize which products and how much of it I was putting on my face.

You can also take a look at other cosmetics with snail extract.

But some of their products are patiently waiting for me to get back to my usual routine, and those are:

Mizon Multi-Function Formula Snail Cream

It’s the most powerful in self-repairing skin. It’s also dermatologically tested, and it’s safe for sensitive skin. It contains 40,000 PPM of snail mucin, which is incredible. It recharges the skin with moisture, thoroughly hydrating it by tapping water that evaporates from the skin and bringing firmness. I usually use it as a day cream.

Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Eye Cream

I also use this at night because it brightens skin around the eyes, regenerates skin, and tries to hide those dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes. 80% of the cream contains snail mucus. In my opinion, it has outstanding skin regeneration. This one also has no fragrances, parabens, or artificial color, and it’s ideal for sensitive skin.

Just remember, everything that has to do with Korean skincare products is hydrating and has a lot of protein. Some of the creams are made with snail mucin, which you can’t feel or smell. It’s just a barrier we have in our heads. Would you try it out?





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