Skincare For Our Baby

Hello loves, today is going to be a little different post. I’m going to talk about our baby’s skincare actually. I don’t quite know if I can really say skincare but let’s just stick to it.

When I became pregnant I had absolutely no idea how much trash I was putting on my body. I mean it wasn’t a whole lot, but once you become a parent, and yes, I’m saying that even if the baby is not here yet, you are a parent. Trust me, as soon as you become pregnant the worrying never really stops. But as soon as I became pregnant and I started to do research on which ingredients can’t be used or are even forbidden to use while pregnant, my mindset complitely changed.

Once you become a parent you really want the best for your baby, especially when they’re in the newborn stage. Their immune system is not even developed yet so you need to be extremely careful with everything.

The brand I’m going to talk to you about today is Naïf. I heard a lot about them and I researched every single product they have and I have to say I’m impressed. Naïf Natural Skincare is a Dutch skincare brand founded by Jochem Hes and Sjoerd Trompetter. The pair founded their self-described ‘no-nonsense skincare’ brand after becoming dads for the first time in 2013. Looking to embrace a ‘less is more attitude when it came to baby care products and avoid unnecessary, harmful chemicals the two created Naïf Natural skincare. What started out as a baby care line has grown to also provide high-quality, natural skincare for women. The brand’s gentle and effective formulas nix harsh chemicals, mineral oils, and harmful preservatives in favor of nourishing natural ingredients including flaxseed oil, avocado oil, and lycosol (tomato extract). For simple, gentle skincare that all the family can enjoy, explore the range from Naïf Natural Skincare.

They have a variety of products from diaper cream, to oils, to SPF, and the packaging is by far the cutest. I really can’t wait to use it all on our baby.

For now, I’ve chosen a simple Diaper Cream just in case there will be rashes.

It’s a super gentle, natural baby-changing cream that soothes and repairs skin irritations. It can also be used to prevent nappy rash after each change. Zinc oxide, which forms a protective layer on the skin, has cooling and healing properties, helping to heal nappy rash. Macadamia oil, chamomile, and vitamin E soothe, nourish, and repair the skin, making it very soft.

I also picked up nourishing Face And Body Cream

Naïf Softening Body Lotion is made from all-natural ingredients, created especially for baby’s skin. Ingredients include linseed oil, macadamia extract, and avocado.

And last but definitely not least is Sooting Baby Oil.

It’s developed for dry and sensitive baby skin, penetrates the skin easily without leaving a greasy film. It moisturizes and reinforces the natural protection of the skin with a combination of plant oils and essential fatty acids. This results in supple and silky-smooth skin. Made from natural ingredients such as cottonseed oil and bisabolol (camomile).

I still can’t believe I’m pregnant to be quite honest so writing blog posts like this is still something I need to wrap my head around, but to be honest it’s fun and extremely satisfying when you find a product you can trust.



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