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This is not a beauty post, I repeat, it’s not! Well, it kind of is, but I wanted to tell you a story about my friendship with pimples throughout the years of dealing with them. I really get scared when it comes to beauty because I really know nothing about it, so who am I to even talk about this? And I don’t want all the beauty bloggers to get angry at me, but I just wanted to share my story.

The story begins with me hitting puberty, that’s when they appeared and made home and they never really left! So if I’m still having pimples like I’m in puberty does that mean that I’m still in it? I’m just kidding, I’m not, but somehow my pores still get clogged like it was yesterday I stopped with hormonal nonsense!

I most definitely have oily skin! And I hate when people tell me that’s not true and I’m just like oh I’m so sorry dermatologist (Those people who are telling me this are just some random people if you haven’t got my sarcasm there). When you swipe your finger on your T-zone by the end of the day, and it shines bright like a diamond you don’t need Rihanna to tell you that you have oily skin! Trust me!

That is why my pores are getting clogged up! No matter what kind of product I’m using there will still be little bumps testing my nerves! Don’t get me wrong, using the same products for the past half year and implementing a propper morning and night routine really made a difference!

There are several factors of why our skin decides it had enough and just clogges every pore there is on our face, so we got 99 problems, but I heard chocolate isn’t one of them so…

I know I’m maybe ridiculous to some of you with this story because I know there are people who are dealing with much worse, but this is my skin, and it’s the first thing people see when they look at you, well before they check you out from your head to toe, it’s just in our nature, and that is why I sometimes feel extremely self-conscious about it!

It was winter 2018, and I noticed those little bumps started spreading over my forehead, and I was literally losing my mind! So I visited my dermatologist for a totally different reason, but I decided I’m going to waist her time a little more and educate myself of what the hell was going on with my skin! She gave me no answers like expected but what she did do is give me a tester of La Roche Posay products ( a cleanser and a day cream). I hung on those two testers as my life depended on them, but when I saw a little difference I decided to purchase everything there is to unclog my pores! Nothing happens or heals overnight, that’s true! It took my skin for about half a year to get to approximately normal state! I will now introduce you to the products that I’m using:

Night routine:

I first clean my skin with Nivea micellar water and then start with adding a squirt of La Roche Posay cleanser on my fingers. Then I spread it all over my face and start cleansing with electric face cleanser. The cleanser is designed for sensitive acne prone skin, so this is where my journey starts! I also need to say that I never use foundation because I can’t stand feeling something going up in my pores haha I’m a weird person, so sorry! I only use concealer under my eyes, and also to cover my redness from the pimples that were on my face two years ago (Yes the redness is still there after two freaking years)!

Then I also use Biore active charcoal deep pore cleanser. This product made a big change on my forehead by the end of the first week! I bought it in our drugstore (Muller), and I’m over the moon about it! It was weird when I first tried it because I didn’t quite understand the difference between minty/fresh and burning feeling by using this product because I only used water before to clean my skin hahaha. I live in a cave by the way! But it was minty for sure! It just feels like your pores are having birth only it’s less painfull! The c

Then I use a toner just to close up those pores. A lot of people say how a toner made so many changes on their skin, but I don’t know.. I don’t really see a change froma toner to be honest.

And then it’s time for moisturizer. For night care I only use Melvita’s argan oil. I know I was a skeptic too when I heard a word oil, because who would put more oils on oily skin, but it somehow works! Argan oil makes your skin heal faster, and I also read it prevents wrinkles. If this is not true, let me know!

Morning routine:

I only use La Roche Posay cleanser in the morning and cream by the same brand. It’s super light and gives a silky touch to your skin! I love it; I’m obsessed with it!

Before I go out I always use suncream; I guess you heard all about what makes suncream your best friend so use it! I’m so angry at myself I didn’t start taking care of my skin earlier, but again I live in a cave I guess!

Oh and sometimes when I feel fancy enough I take Melvita’s rose water and just spray it all over my face. It’s an amazing feeling!

I’m so sorry that I don’t have a before and after photo for you guys, but who am I kidding I didn’t want to even look at myself in the mirror let alone taking photos of myself so… To be quite frank with you, the pimples don’t go away just like that! You need a routine, and you NEED to stick to that! It took my skin for half a year, and I’m still dealing with these little suckers! Another thing that I do is drink lots and lots of water, but that’s just because I have inflammation of the bladder on a daily basis, so I need to drink like a camel! Well, at least I’m not a cactus!

This is all the steps that I’m doing, if you have any recommendation, please do not hesitate to inform me on how to use products or which ones are good for oily prone acne skin.

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