Tally Picks

I visited Tally Weijl store in Ljubljana this time, and I was so impressed by their autumn choices. I’m a huge fan of jackets and coats, so my main focus was on that, but then I saw their comfortable jeans, and a cute skirt and Dr. Martens inspired shoes, and I was already falling down the rabbit hole. This time I didn’t know what to pick because there was just too many beautiful stuff! But I managed to pick out some pieces, and I’m about to show them to you.

The first thing I saw were jackets, so you can imagine how quickly started picking them.

I said it once, and I will repeat it! Their jeans are so comfortable; I have never worn jeans that are thick material, but so comfortable!

I also managed to pick this cute little skirt and inspired Dr. Martens shoes! There’s never enough of shoes 😛


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