If you’re asking why Elizabeth it will soon become clear. Do you remember the post where Žiga and I just moved in and I talked about how I want our home to smell like? Well, I didn’t know that I could upgrade that until now.

While browsing through Notino I bumped into this absolutely beautiful electric aroma light which I didn’t even know existed and it’s from Yankee which you already know I love.

They named it Elizabeth and let me tell you all about her.

First, you have to admit that this is the most elegant aroma light you’ve ever seen. It’s so minimalistic and it goes in every single room of my home and I bet it would be absolutely gorgeous in your home as well. It looks like a vase which I feel is just such a bonus. Sometimes aroma diffusers or aroma lights look a bit too much for me that’s why I never really had one, but when I saw this, I fell in love!

Another thing that I have to emphasize is that it does what it says it does. I really love candles but the scent is sometimes not as strong as I would like it to be, I would have to light a candle in every single room to get the effect I want.

What do you actually need to do to achieve for your home to smell like you just made 10 liers of Christmas tee?

First, you need Yankee electric aroma light and some scenterpieces which actually give the scent but I sadly couldn’t found them at Notino, I purchased them separately on Yankee’s official site. They cost about 5€ which in my opinion isn’t that big of a price for how long the smell lasts.

This aroma light doesn’t need any type of candle to melt the wax it just needs electricity which is another advantage. The electricity makes the inner side of where you put the scenterpiece (the scented part) really hot and it slowly starts melting the wax and your home all of a sudden starts smelling like a Christmas explosion.

I swear I had no expectations but this one left me speechless. You can also determent how long would you like to leave it on, you can leave it on for 3, 6, or 9 hours and it turns itself off. So no more worrying if you left any candles on.

Another thing that I absolutely love is that you can get different centerpieces (the scented wax) and you can change them whenever you want. ou just take the scenterpiece that you had in and exchange it with another.

I’m just obsessed with it and I love how every corner of our home smell absolutely divine.

If you have more of a black decor then let me make you really happy because they also have one in black and grey but they’re slightly different.



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