Welcoming Spring

I’m welcoming spring with this playful and youthful blog post. I’ve tried to portray somebody who’s just too cool for school, what do you think? Has Ajda done an amazing job or what? We practically did this shoot in the middle of some street, there was a gigantic tree on the left and the shadows of that tree were just prodigious (look at me using all the big words, it’s a synonym for amazing, Google made me do it! ?) I truly believe that lightning is the most important thing when you’re taking photos. Just about one week ago, I read an article from one of my favorite bloggers Zanita. She wrote about how blogging helped her to become who she is today. And one of the first thing she pointed out, was awareness! I quote:

‘’ Blogging has made me a million times more aware than ever before… I’m constantly looking for “the light” even when I’m not photographing, I notice beautiful locations as I’m driving to and fro, I listen to everything with my ears perked and an open mind (that’s the best way to come up with new ideas), and I’m consciously aware if something is “instagrammable”. Don’t mistake this with not “turning off”… Just because I’m aware doesn’t mean I don’t lay off the phone… What this means is that I’ve become aware in every aspect of my life to the point where I notice the smallest things even if I don’t need to be.”

I truly can relate to that! I’m always on a secret mission called ‘’Finding the light.’’ I sometimes annoy my boyfriend when we go for a walk and constantly look around and say things like: ‘’Oh my, look at this lightning’’ Or: ‘’Remind me again, why have I not bring my camera again?’’ I swear even in the night when street lights are shining through the trees, I’m chasing shadows on the floor, it’s insane! So as you can see, the lightning in these photos is just magnificent, and I was surprised, since it was 12am and I really don’t like sunny photos, but I love these shots and I hope you like them too! ☺️


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