Black And White Series

It’s been a long time since I had the chance to take photos of two people together. I also decided to share with you my first photo I took of two people together, when I was 17 years old. These are Katarina and Maja, giggling in the middle of our highschool gym. I was so proud of that photos oh my… But a long time has passed and I would like to think that I’ve improved over the years, but I will always have the memory of that exciting feeling in my stomach when I first uploaded those photos on Facebook! ☺️

So, seven years has passed and I did it again and I truly think I’ve made the perfect choice picking my models! I mean, who is better fit than these two not only gorgeous, but special ladies! People used to be confused how they look-alike in high school. I wasn’t their classmate, but I heard stories, and got the chance to see resemblance with my own eyes. They both have that Swedish/Russian/Ukrainian look going on and I absolutely adore it! And I seriously think it’s time for me to stop typing and invite you to be once again charmed by their extraordinary beauty!

Katarina, Ajda ❤

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