My Autumn Wish List (Shein)

When you read the title, you probably thought what’s wrong with this person?? It’s still pretty much summer, but lately everywhere I turn a person is saying that summer is sooooo over and I don’t know how I feel about that. I don’t even know where did June and July go?? It’s all happening so fast, and if we’re talking about summer being over, then it’s beginning to smell a lot like autumn… I’m so sorry if I just ruined your Christmas song, but trust me, Christmas is just around the corner. So what to do when summer is almost over? Creating mood boards and wish lists are one of my favorite things to do. Creating wish lists is just something that I can torture myself with if I’m being honest. I created a wish list from one of my favorite online store SHEIN, so here it goes! ❤


I love knits so much, and I love them, even more, when they’re oversized, that’s also why I sometimes go to men’s section and buy knits there.

1 Buy lace up loose sweater right HERE

2 Buy white split back jumper right HERE

3 Buy pink double hoodie right HERE

4 Buy low back raw edge jumper right HERE

5 Buy pink sweatshir (this one is my favorite) right HERE


I mean who doesn’t love jackets? There are so many ways to wear them, and they are perfect for autumn weather.

1 Buy burgundy duster coat right HERE

2 Buy khaki suede jacket right HERE

3 Buy olive green bomber jacket right HERE

4 Buy burgundy bomber coat right HERE


1 I’m super in love with this faux fur coat! You can buy it HERE

2 Buy pastel pink drape right HERE


Jeans… what an awesome invention! You can pair jeans literally however you want, but don’t forget about that high waist detail!

1 Buy skinny pants with a detail right HERE

2 Buy bleach pearl detailed jeans right HERE

3 Buy ripped mom jeans right HERE

4 Buy gingham pants right HERE


I think that bodysuits are the handiest when it comes to autumn. They protect your kidneys, and you can totally rock a simple bodysuit with some high waist jeans and some boots, and there you go.

1 Buy gorgeous sheer pastel pink bodysuit right HERE

2 Buy one shoulder ribbed bodysuit right HERE


I hope you liked my mood boards I really don’t know what’s with all that pastel pink? Even my mom said you do know that autumn is next season, not spring right? ?

Make sure you check  out their online store SHEIN for autumn shopping.

Also check out their SALE section right HERE

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