Jeans Hunting

I never imagined I would ever wear jeans shorts with my pale skin, but since I made a new best friend, which is Bondi Sands I finally can wear a proper jeans shorts! I impulsively bought eight pairs of them and wore 2 of them… The story of my life! It’s like being on a diet when you’ve been eating salad for a whole two days, and then somebody with fries shows up, you probably know how that story ends! I was in a search for the right pair, and I didn’t want the ones that are distressed on the edges, I just wanted a vintage inspired rolled up ones. You’re probably thinking, well you could just buy distressed ones and rolled them up, but every pair of distressed jeans was not long enough on its own,  let alone to be rolled up. After a little search, I found them on ROMWE, and I absolutely love them!

If you want the same pair, buy them HERE! If not for this summer which sadly is ending, then definitely for next one! ?


Shirt: Vintage

Jeans: ROMWE

Scarf: Freywille

Boots and belt: Primark

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