Rose Touch

I’m obsessed with this dress like even say I’m obsessed doesn’t cover it! I love the whole silhouette and don’t even get me started on those sleaves, like come on! Can this dress be even more perfect? The color matches my pale skin, which I kind of like I guess? You know how I feel […]

Satin Dream

This dress makes you feel like it’s autumn already. Actually, this whole look makes you feel like we skipped spring and summer and jumped directly into autumn, but the blooming trees are blowing the cover. For the dress, it seriously depends on how you style it. I went with kind of Coachella inspired look, because […]

Yellow Tulips

I’m obsessed with this style! This blue wrap jumpsuit is seriously everything I need for this spring/summerish weather! I love the structure and how beautifuly it emphasize your fugure. I aded silver sandals and this cool vintage vibe sunglasses which screams 80’s and you know how I feel about vintage stuff! I’m also playing around […]