Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking!

It’s no secret we love to emphasize florals in clothes when Spring comes! It’s the most natural thing as saying good morning! This year there’s not only pastels and floral pattern. I also noticed there’s a lot of khaki inclueded in Spring 2019. Don’t know why, maybe because the weather is losing its mind and I actually feel like it’s November.  I’m fussing about the weather all the time since it’s the factor that has the most influence o me. I’ve been feeling so down for the past month. I’m all energetic as soon as there is little sun outside, but right now, I seriously feel like we live in Mordor. Darkness everywhere!  I’m dramatic again, nevermind that!

Thank God for Spring clothes to cheer us up just a little bit. I’m presenting two pieces that I LOVE; I’ve been wearing the mesh midi skirt all the time. But the only thing I’m advising is that you buy yourself underdress because this dress doesn’t have thick layer of fabric under it. It’s just a sheer midi dress.

The other one is super cute, but I will probably wear it o a beach because it’s a little bit short on me, that’s just because I’m a giant.

Buy Mesh Midi Dress


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