Visiting MiraMare Castle

It was May the 2nd and Žiga, and I decided it would be super nice to take advantage of the sun which we’re lacking so much here in Slovenia and take our parents for a trip to Italy. They were over the moon about it! It’s funny how we’ve been together for almost nine years, and this has been the first time we went together on a trip haha. If you ever went to Miramare, than you know how breathtaking it actually is! The whole scenario makes you feel like you’ve been locked in a time capsule and you’re now playing a role of an 18th-century duchess, okay I know I’m overreacting, but it’s so gorgeous there! I mean I can’t even imagine how people used to live, in such luxury that just by itself blows my mind.

Since I had a few outfits to take photos of I decided I’m going to burden myself yet again haha and take some outfits with me. Trust me; I didn’t regret it!

The balcony I’ve taken photos on is just the most picture perfect spot! Influencers would say it’s an Instagram spot because it really is stunning!

The skirt and the dress you see on photos below are both from a fantastic store I’ve recently discovered called ChicWish. They have the most beautiful clothes with a vintage influence; everything is gorgeous to extremes!

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