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  • Blossoming


    There’s a certain point in your life when you start noticing that you’re changing. Your mind is changing and extending to a whole new level, your body is changing, and you can’t afford to have a couch ass from sitting that much and eating last crumbs of nachos off of your shirt. You have to […]

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  • Summer Shower

    Summer Shower

    I thought today was going to rain, and I would write that this post suits perfectly for this gloomy weather, but today sun came to visit, so Instead of that, I’m going to admit that this was by far the most spontaneous shoot in my life. I’m not that type of a person who is […]

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  • Lingerie Inspired Dress

    Lingerie Inspired Dress

    I think that this week’s theme is white tee under a simple dress. ☺️ I am in love with this style. I tried to buy myself a sheer, lingerie-inspired dress for so long now. There’s something that I would change about this dress, and that’s sleeves. I only wish it had proper short or long sleeves, […]

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  • Giggle Sessions

    Giggle sessions

    I’m so glad my boyfriend agreed to take photos with/of me, I love how he makes me feel. ❤ It was a quiet Sunday morning and I seriously just rolled out of bed, that’s why my face looks like hundreds of bees stung me, just in case you were wondering! ☺️ We shot two styles, and I […]

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  • Dress or Kimono, your pick!

    Shein floral dress/kimono

    Back to where it all ended at Thursday. ? As I already said, I popped up all the buttons from my SHEIN dress and made another trendy piece which is kimono. Kimonos are seriously on the top of trendin list right now, everyone went crazy for Zara kimono which is absolutely gorgeous, but a little bit […]

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  • My Experience with ZAFUL

    Zaful Brown Floral Playsuit

    Okay, ladies, let’s talk about ZAFUL. ☺️ First of all, I would like to underline something crucial! We all have our doubts when it comes to ordering online, and you have to know, that I would never publish something on this platform if I didn’t believe in it. I tend, to be honest about everything on […]