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  • FALL for FALL


    Let’s start today’s post with a poem, because why not?🍂 Rules of Autumn: –    Kiss the leaves before they show you their true colors. –    Study your own fingerprints until you find out your history. –    Smile at every stranger. –    Go deep inside yourself until you get to the spinning light. Stay there. –    […]

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  • Not a Leather Girl


    You know that feeling when you’re just not a person for something? Like me, I never was quite a leather girl, don’t know why. And it’s funny how I’ve never been a white jeans kind of gal’, they just don’t suit me well, so why even bother! I’ve lost all hopes of wearing white jeans, […]

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  • Birthday Morning


    This year’s birthday involved two people I love the most and two things! First, my mother who was also celebrating, because some higher power decided to give her a chance to shine as a Virgo and then she gave birth to me on the same day, God had a plan let me tell you. (Btw […]

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  • The Ultimate Wrap Dress


    So, in case you didn’t know, I’m practically a giant, so wearing this dress with a little side breeze is a terrible idea. I got this dress form the site called LUPSONA, but I’m so sad that I didn’t size this one up! It’s a little bit too short for my large torso and legs, […]