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  • The Ultimate Wrap Dress


    So, in case you didn’t know, I’m practically a giant, so wearing this dress with a little side breeze is a terrible idea. I got this dress form the site called LUPSONA, but I’m so sad that I didn’t size this one up! It’s a little bit too short for my large torso and legs, […]

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  • Jeans Hunting


    I never imagined I would ever wear jeans shorts with my pale skin, but since I made a new best friend, which is Bondi Sands I finally can wear a proper jeans shorts! I impulsively bought eight pairs of them and wore 2 of them… The story of my life! It’s like being on a […]

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  • Late on Gingham


    You have probably heard about gingham by now. I love how sometimes… Well not just sometimes, more like all the time fashion bloggers all over the world ”dictates” fashion trends. I don’t even know when this trend started; I think it was huge in spring and it’s still super huge right now, or am I […]

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  • It’s Been a Year


    1.8.2016, the day when I published that my blog is now live, a day where I didn’t know if I should either sit on my couch, exploding out of excitement or just dance in my living room. A day (more like a night) where I couldn’t sleep because I was too nervous and excited about […]

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  • Exposed

    Self Love

    I like the way the stretch marks on my thighs look human and that we’re soft yet rough and jungle wild when we need to be I love that about us how capable we are of feeling how unafraid we are of breaking and tend to our wounds with grace just being a woman calling […]

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  • Intimacy


    It was a quite Sunday afternoon when this photos were created. I wanted to change location a little bit and I found the perfect spot just few kilometers away from my home. I love experimenting with outfits and what a certain piece of clothing means to me, how I feel in it, and this one […]

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  • Kissed by BONDI SANDS


    Mirror, mirror, on the wall who’s the palest of them all… Well for the first time in my life it’s not me! For as long as I can remember I was in constant competition for the palest person alive and guess what? I won the trophy years ago. I know I’m a redhead and being […]

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  • Ruffles and Polka dots


    Ruffles, what a fun and smart invention. They are puffy and so adorable and you kind of feel like a cupcake wearing anything with a little ruffle on the side. I love adding and combining soft/girly things with a little grunge. I’m not particularly a girly girl I’m also quite a tomboy, so combining this […]