Black Friday Fever

Black Friday is over and I have to say I got some amazing deals. I also did some shopping at Notino of course, and I’ll share everything that I got.

When I really love and I mean LOVE something I get it in bulk! Why? Because there’s always a chance that a brand will stop producing their best product ever and I just need to protect my stash.
The 1 thing I can’t live without for the past half-year is this Maybelline brow tattoo. I’m absolutely OBSESSED!!!
I’ve been using it constantly because brows are one thing I just don’t have the energy to sort out. I use it once a week and it’s a blast!! No more lining my brows, oh what a joy!!


Another thing that I use on a daily basis is my favorite sunscreen. It’s from Eucerin and I’ve been vocal about them on my Instagram. It’s just the smoothest and it doesn’t leave any white cast. I use sunscreen every single day no matter what the weather is, and you shouldn’t definitely try that as well.

Another thing I got myself on bulk is vitamin C serum by Missha. I’ve been doing a Korean skincare routine for the past year and I honestly can say that there is a huge difference in how my skin used to look like 1 year ago and now.


And the last but definitely not least is the heat-protecting spray. I don’t know if you have already seen this but a girl sprayed half of her toast with heat-protecting spray and she left the other half unprotected and put it into a toaster.
When the toast came out, the one half with heat-protecting spray was not touched at all, while the other half was burnt like crazy. So if you ever doubt if it works, it really does work!


That’s everything I got, did you get anything from Notino? Let me know. 🙂


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