Cozy Season

Hello my loves and welcome back to yet another blog post.

It’s official, the cozy season has started and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’m so excited for all the warm blankets, hot tea, smell of woods, chestnut, cold weather. Maybe scratch the last one out… I’m not really into cold weather but as long there’s the sun I’m happy.

I love the smell of woods in fall and I always try to find the perfect solution of how I could transfer that smell into our home. But then I always go for sweet and not woody.

I already talked about Yankee on my blog. I absolutely adore their products. I know it’s sometimes super hard purchasing waxes or candles on the internet because you have no idea how it’s going to smell like, but I just feel that you can never miss with their products. I got myself three Yankee aroma lights. One for the bedroom, one for the kitchen, and the last one for our living room. I then decided to purchase different waxes and already told you I want woody notes but then I always get super sweet ones. So this time I got Warm and fuzzy by County candle, Maple sugar & Cookies, and Welcome home which is now the scent that’s giving the warmest hug to our home.

I must say I’m absolutely obsessed with the feeling of coming home and it smells like you’ve just stepped into a giant cookie. I really can’t wait for December I’m restraining myself so much because I want for our home to smell like cinnamon all the time, but you easily get bored of that by the end of November and you’re not even excited for Christmas anymore.

The only thing you need for your home to smell like you’ve just stepped into a cookie is Yankee aroma light, some scented wax, and a candle, and that’s pretty much it.

Just one cube of wax lasts you for months. But if you get bored of the same scent over and over again, you leave the wax to cool down and when it’s completely cool, put onto the wax a few cubes of ice and leave it for a few minutes. The wax will deviate from aroma light in no time. You can save it and use it when you want that scent back.



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