My Brow’s Best Friends

Hello, my loves, and welcome back for yet another blog post.

Today we’re talking about something I wanted to talk about for so long now, and that’s brows!!

They’re probably one thing I’m the least excited to do when doing my makeup. For starters they’re quite narrow I would say and I feel like they don’t really have that much of a silhouette. They just exist on my face haha.

But I found the perfect solution for every single woman who is struggling to do her eyebrows every single day. I wanted something permanent where I wouldn’t have to worry about doing them every single day. Some women find it stressful to put mascara on but to me, brows are absolutely the worst.

So I found a product called Brow Tattoo from Maybelline and this is the product I’m absolutely obsessed with!!! I will probably purchase more than one because I’m that lucky person that absolutely loves something and then it’s out of stock or it’s not even for sale anymore.

Since I’m a redhead I had my doubts about using this one since our eyebrows are ginger as well, but I was shocked about how the color complements my natural eyebrows. I’m using it in shade medium brown.

Another thing that’s superb is the fact that if you leave it on longer, you’ll actually have it longer!! Time doesn’t really affect the intensity of the color, it much rather keeps it longer.

For example, if I keep it on for 20 minutes I’ll have my bros done for about 3-4 days. But if I leave it for 2 hours I will have my brows done for about 7-9 days.

So, how does it work?

You open the product and you’ll see there’s the colored gel inside. The application is really easy since you’re just following the lines of your eyebrows with the smoothes brush there is.

Once you apply the eyebrow gel you leave it on until it’s dry but I personally leave it on longer.

When it’s dry, and I really have to emphasize that, because if you panic and start removing the gel before it’s dry, it’s going to be messy. You’ll remove it, don’t worry but trust me, the mess is not necessary.

This is how it looks when the gel is on.


When it’s dry I then use my fingers and just remove it gently. Because it’s in gel structure, the dry product will actually peel off. Don’t worry you’re eyebrows will stay in place, the only thing that’s going to be removed is the dry-out gel.

And that’s really it! You can do it while you’re cooking, reading, playing with your kids or dog while watching a series or a movie. I have it on just now, as I’m writing this blog post.

The only thing I use every day is either some type of eyebrow gel to make my eyebrows look presentable or even better, Eyebrow Fix from Catrice. This is actually the perfect product for those soapy eyebrows that are now really popular. The only thing you need to do is put your eyebrow brush under some warm water and then just scratch the eyebrow fix and go over your eyebrows. That’s it!

I really hope this will make your life much easier, I swear I’m done with my makeup in 5 minutes now.



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