Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer – First Impressions

Some may know this and others don’t, but I never really put any thought into makeup in general, in fact, I first used lipstick and mascara at the end of my high school years which is super late. Even when I attended University I always wore just a mascara, nothing much.

I had two roommates when doing a master’s degree, twins actually and they were super into makeup and that’s when my desire to learn more really kicked off.

I always felt extremely uncomfortable wearing too much makeup and wigs install, I don’t know maybe it’s the fact that I’m a redhead and wearing strong makeup on pale skin never was something I was into. It just looked unnatural to me. But over the years I actually created my own makeup routine that works for me and I feel the most beautiful with.

I have to say I upgraded some things but my makeup remains minimal. The one thing that made a huge difference for me is definitely this posh Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer. Now, I used Primers before but nothing like this, I swear!!

First Impressions of Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer

When putting it on, I have no words to describe how amazing it actually feels!! It just does something to your skin and I can’t really put my finger on it, but it really feels like it coats the skin to the fullest if that makes sense.

When I first used it I said to myself oh, that’s how quality makeup actually feels like haha. I never really invested in pricy makeup just because I never really wear it that much but I took a chance on this one and I never want to go back to the days where this product wasn’t in my life!!


it comes in a glass bottle and the consistency is gel-like and the most amazing part of this primer is that it has golden little particles in it. You don’t have to worry about being super sparkly because those golden particles don’t do that, they just make your skin look more radiant and healthy. It comes in two different colors, one has golden particles and another has silver.

It also comes with a pump which is great for me since I’m clumsy and I always get more product than needed, but this one actually restrains me to do so haha. I truly believe that one pump is enough to cover your whole face but if you want, you can do more. It applies wonderfully and it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin.

Now another thing that really surprised me is how it gave an illusion of disappearing pores. I really have trouble when it comes to pores because when I was dealing with acne I used to boil some chamomile, then I would put towel both over my head and the boiling chamomile and I would let the boiling chamomile steam my face so the pores would open and my pimples would open up, but what I didn’t know is that you have to splash cold water or just use ice to go over your face after the steaming to close up those pores just a little bit. Now I’m left with huge pores on my face… Yay for me!

I don’t really use any foundation I only use concealer to cover some redness and dark circles under my eyes and that’s really all that I do. But I really love how the concealer is applying on the primer, it blends really nicely, leaving your skin super soft and radiant! I also forgot to talk about the smell of this, I mean… There’s just not a single bad thing about this one!! It smells like a dream!!


My makeup routine with Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer

  1.  I apply my daily moisturizer which already has SPF
  2. I apply my Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer (1 pump and a half)
  3. I then apply my concealer and just go over the redness and the dark circles under my eyes. I now use a brush, I used to use those blending sponges but I just didn’t like how the concealer was blending in, so I switched to brush and it really makes a huge difference for me!
  4. Then I use matt fixing compact powder because I really have the shiniest skin ever. I need to start wearing it with me, just yesterday Žiga and I went for a walk and he asked me did you break a sweat from just walking, you’re so shiny?? Wow!!
  5. I LOVE blush!! I just absolutely adore red cheeks it just makes you look healthy doesn’t it?
  6. Sometimes I would do a little bit of eye shadow under my eyes to get more definition but that’s really rare.
  7. I then do mascara and that’s really all that I do.



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