My Obsession With White Midi Dresses

Hello my loves, today I have a blog post I was most excited to share with you! I also decided to make it easier for you when purchasing pieces that I got myself with a cute little design with numbers and you can find all of the styles linked right under the design.

So to get started, I have to admit that right now I’m going through kind of a weird period when it comes to style. I always wanted to create more detailed minimal styling photos to inspire you but lately, I’ve been really into bohemian style. I don’t really know what was the main inspiration but every time summer is approaching I just feel like I need to loosen up even when it comes to my personal style.

My forever styling inspiration are Australians. I think they have the most profound easy-going style and don’t even get me started on their absolutely phenomenal brands, such as Zimmermann for example. I swear this brand remains my favorite brand in the world. I find myself on their sale section every week thinking is there ever going to be something I can afford, and when I see I can’t afford items that are even on sale I go and softly cry into a pillow.

I’m just kidding! But I really love the silhouette on their dresses and if I can’t afford their dresses I might as well try and search for some dupes.

I found a dress at Zara that blew me away I know it’s super minimal but the silhouette and how it moves with your body is out of this world!! The one thing that I find quite deal-breaking when it comes to white dresses is the underdress! I bought so many white dresses and 90% of them were showing my underwear and that’s the type of style I’m staying clear of.  This one has really thick rustic material that contains viscose and linen. It also has an underdress to get another protecting layer! Saying I’m obsessed with it doesn’t really cover my excitement over this dress! You can shop the dress and my whole styling on the numbers below.

Buy here: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

I also found so many similar dresses that would be a dupe for my Zara dress, so I really hope you find some dresses that suit your personal style.

Buy Here: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //

I combined this gorgeous dress with the amazing straw hat, and golden sandals with straps that go around your ankle and I have to say they’re my favorite to wear when it comes to sandals. I also brought a straw bag that was not really that much of an accessorize at this photoshoot, but I’m just taking baby steps when it comes to full body shots. You can also combine it with lots of jewelry that’s something I really need to work on but I was wearing my RocknRose Heart locket which you can probably see on every photo I take.

I also have to go a little bit off-topic and just say a huge thank you to Nikolina who created these photos with some gorgeous backdrops. I guided her through every step of the way and I’m just excited for her being so eager to learn. She took into account every single piece of advice I gave her on how to frame the shot. When it comes to my content I wouldn’t say I’m a monster, I really just love weird shots that are not common to the human eye. I really love looking at photography where I know something is off but it’s still pleasing to look at.


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