How To Wear Fedora Hats In Summer

I never really thought I could pull off a Fedora hat, but when you find the right fit, color, and most importantly silhouette you’re going to start looking at Fedora hats with a new set of eyes. Since summer is approaching I decided to write about how to wear Fedora hats in summer.

I always searched for an oval silhouette with a deep crown and to be honest I found several of them at Lack of Color which would be a dream of mine to own one or two or all of them!! They have the most amazing not just wool hats, but hats in general! But being a first-time buyer of fedora hat I needed to test one so I know how it suits me. That way I know I can spend more on my next Fedora hat splurge. Imagine if I got myself Lack of color hat and I would look ridiculous in it, it would be a waste of money.

I remember searching like crazy for a fedora hat on a budget and in the end, I actually found one at Showpo and it was only 35,95€ (right now on SALE).

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Another absolutely amazing brand that produces high-quality Fedora hats, must be GIGI PIP. Their aesthetic is super rustic and kind of Scandinavian, and I love all of their hats, just like the hats from Lack of color.

Photos from Gigi-Pip

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When wearing Fedora hats in summer, you need to know they’re made out of wool, so I would personally stay clear of black fedora hats, leave them for autumn, winter, and early spring otherwise I’m afraid your head is going to boil. But when it comes to summer, I would really recommend reaching for colors that are more neutral. Either beige, white, stone, dusty pink, etc. They don’t leave dark shade on your face as much as black Fedora hat would, neutral colors are actually vibrant and give a warm cozy feeling. Neutral colors also go more with a summer color palette, which is also white, beige, pastels, etc.


How to wear Fedora Hats in Summer – Styling Ideas

I think I’m not the only one when I say Fedora hats give a certain cool, bohemian vibe to every outfit, it depends on the fit, but the one I own makes me want to move to Australia and wear all boohoo clothes which they’re masters of.

Fedora hats are that one accessory you can combine with quite everything. The first thing I think of is a maxi dress with a split, cowboy boots, a whole lot of jewelry and for the cherry on top, your Fedora hat.

When I say with everything I really mean that, but you still need to be careful when styling a Fedora hat. When it comes to work and more sophisticated clothing you may stay clear of it, but I just saw a girl rocking a fedora hat with her minimalistic wedding dress, it totally depends on what type of style you have or are you leaning towards to. I personally am in a quite of a bohemian period of my life right now, and writing this article brings me so much joy!! You can also combine it with jeans, shorts, skirts, midi, mini or maxi dresses, the choice is yours. I created a few style mood boards on how you can style your fedora hat and I really hope you try some of them out!

Outfit N1

Casual but still super chic, you can wear this style while going on a dring with friends, on a date, and while shopping since the dress is quickly removable.

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Outfit N2

This one is by far my favorite one I absolutely love maxi dresses in which you feel free!! You can wear it through out the whole day and when it gets cold just put on a cardigan and you’re done!

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Outfit N3

I think by now you probably know I’m not much of a minimalist. I really love layering either clothes, jewelry, or even bags I know its funny hearing about layering bags but sometimes I actually put shopper bag into a fishnet bag and it looks amazing! I used the same Fedora hat in all three of them because I wanted to show you how beautifully it goes every single style!

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Brim measurements

When it comes to the brim I would recommend buying 9 or 10cm wide. It covers more of your face for sun protection and it just looks cooler, to be honest. That’s why I had trouble finding the perfect Fedora hat without splurging. Either I found perfect ones at Lack of color but they were too expensive, or I found affordable Fedora hats with a 5-7cm brim width, which looks kind of funny to me personally. So after gazing through the whole internet to find a Fedora hat, you can imagine how happy I was when I found the perfect one to try it out and see how it fits me.

How to take care of your Fedora Hat?

When I ordered my fedora hat I had no idea if it’s going to come in a box or a bag and I was worried about how crushed it would be. I got it in a bag and it was not all that bad, I hope other brands which specialize in Fedora hats and coast a little fortune also provides care when it comes to shipping. You don’t really want to invest in a hat that comes crushed and with no silhouette.

If it does come a little bit crashed I would recommend getting your iron, yes you heard me right! Get your iron desk, iron obviously, and a slightly wet cloth. There’s no need for the cloth to be soaked, don’t do that! You can just spray a little water on the cloth and then gently put it on the brim of the hat and start ironing.

The cloth will prevent your wool hat to burn. You still need to be careful, Fedora hats are made out of so many materials but we forget wool is one of them so you need to be extra cautious when ironing anything that contains wool.

I really hope I inspired you today to buy yourself a Fedora hat and just start styling it! I wasn’t really sure the first time I started researching, my head is already in such a weird shape haha! So I worried I will look crazy but seeing I can pull it off (I hope) I can’t wait to invest in something more sustainable!


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