On a Date With Daniel Wellington

As I said, I still can’t believe I’m a part of Daniel Wellington’s family, that’s insane! If you ask any person that knows me well, they’ll tell you; I was on a mission to find a perfect watch for forever! I just wanted a simple one with a brown strap to add some rustic vibes (and you know how I feel about brown color ❤) and oh boy, did I find just the right one!! I found my dream watch at Daniel Wellington, and you guys should check out their fantastic timeless and sophisticated watches!! I got a beautiful minimalistic cuff, a watch, and two straps came with it, and since today’s vibe is more ‘’fancy pants’’ I decided to go with the rose gold one! And yes, the stripes are removable, so you can dress them up or down accordingly on what type of outfit you have. Amazing right? It’s like having two whole different watches!

Check their beautiful site right HERE ⌚

If you want the same watch, click right HERE

Check out the cuff right HERE

Also, check out the bonus strap I got right HERE

Oh, before you scroll, I have a special offer for you, and it’s on until the last of September! If you buy one of their watches, get yourself a 15% off your purchase by using my code: ”DWANASTASIJA” Free worldwide shipping is included! Don’t forget; it’s on until the last of September! Now shop away! ?

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  1. Having your hair up fits you so well! It makes your face look different, it gives off really nice vibes 🙂

    1. Awww thank you, I will make sure to wear more ponytails in my next posts ❤?

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