Birthday Morning

This year’s birthday involved two people I love the most and two things! First, my mother who was also celebrating, because some higher power decided to give her a chance to shine as a Virgo and then she gave birth to me on the same day, God had a plan let me tell you. (Btw I’m rocking as a Virgo just so you know!)

Happy Birthday my Queen

Second, my boyfriend, who surprised me with all of the goodies you see on photos below. I really don’t need much as a human, just food, air to breath and flowers. And for that two things I was talking about were lots of cake and lots of Harry Potter, which was playing on the TV. The first thing that my mother said to me was not a happy birthday, but:’’ You’re watching this AGAIN?’’ I love you, mom! ❤

Every night I go to bed I say a little prayer. I’m so grateful to open my eyes every morning and to live my life. I’m so grateful for every person that supports me and brings the best out of me. I’m so grateful that my family is healthy and happy! I’m somehow grateful to myself for being brave and for the strength I have, life really teaches you a lot!  I’m so grateful to all the people who reached out to me and wished me a happy birthday. And I’m so grateful for you, who are reading this right now and all of the previous posts.


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