How to Look Like a Total Badass!

So, if you’re asking yourself, does this woman look like a soft pink Chewbacca from Star Wars, the answer is YES! And I couldn’t be more proud of it! I love how my style is changing. I never want to be the same; I always want to try new things, even if I’m scared and the same goes for my style. Just a few years ago, you would never see me walk around the streets with this jacket, but right now, I freaking love it! I feel like I’m on a world tour with Metallica. I don’t know how to describe my style since it’s always changing, but as you can see, I always like to combine a little bit of rock and roll with glam.

I got this jacket from SHEIN, and if you want to look like soft pink Chewbacca from Star Wars, make sure you get one of them, we can be twins! ?

Buy this jacket right HERE ?

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