Kamel Maxi Coat from BOOHOO

Do you remember a post from a year ago, how I fussed about falling in love with a specific coat that Kevin’s dad from movie Home alone wore to an airport? Well, I’m still in love with it, but right now I am pleased to say, that similar coat is hanging right now in my closet. I would much rather wear it all the time but for now, let’s just leave pajamas to do their job, which is leaving you in a magical state of coziness. I’m so happy to purchase this coat from BOOHOO. They are one of my favorite online shops, and I’m always pleased with their products. I’m beyond happy to have this ultra maxi coat, oh, and it’s kamel so how would I not like it when I practically love every shade of brown! I think my maxi coat obsession will never stop, well at least not until I look like a burrito in it.

Buy this coat right HERE

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Right now Boohoo has 50% off everything, so make sure to prepare your PayPal ?

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