Summer is ending and yeah I know how you feel, I don’t have any idea where it went so fast either. But as summer is ending that doesn’t mean your summer clothes needs to be packed and send away to your ”maybe next season stuff?” corner.  You can actually use some of the pieces in more of a layering kind of way. For example, I combined one of my favorite summer dresses from Shein that I fell in love with during the summer and I layered it with the awesome leather jacket and some badass boots. I already said that I love combining soft thing with just a little bit of grunge. And yes, I know this look is not a rocket science, but while it’s not that cold outside, you can easily pair that three thing together, and voila!

I’m wearing:

Dress from: SHEIN, buy HERE

Leather jacket from: ZARA

Boots from PRIMARK

Bag from: H&M

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