Model For a Day

So as you can see from photos below, I’m practically Gigi Hadid, thank you very much! And the person capturing me in this awkward model poses is my best friend (at least, that’s what I wish for him to be, but he said it’s possible so….?)

All jokes aside, I had the most amazing time shooting with one and only Rok Vrečer. Rok is a fashion and portrait photographer and wait for it… He’s also a model at Haze model management! I know he looks super serious in all of his photos, but he has the kindest heart ever! That’s just his fierce model face! Again, I’m underlining the most important thing, and that’s supporting and also collaborating with all kinds of artists. He’s one of my favorite photographers in Slovenia and what I like about him is that he knows exactly how to capture a woman. He even got me excited about studio photography, which I specifically said I would never do, because natural light is pretty much life! But as soon as I saw that gigantic background and a beauty dish my heart stopped! I will definitely have to wait for at least two months until I can afford all of that… Damn you Rok and your studio charms!?

Let’s talk a little bit about how this collaboration even happened. I had the honor to shoot him, and I was shocked. He really did surprise me. He is such a professional, and I love how different he looks from other models. You know how I feel about different people right? And well, while we were taking photos, THAT’S when we became best of friends… Just to underline the most important thing. ?

After our shoot, he invited me to be his model, and I was like… Wait, what now? I seriously thought he was joking, but as you can see he was not. I’m so grateful for this experience, honestly! Every time I get to work with other photographers, I learn so much! And I love how supportive and kind Rok is, that’s seriously so rare, to bump into a human being who’s into photography and he’s humble and supportive of your work! People are so competitive this days, everything has to be a competition, and I really hate that! Why can’t we just be supportive of one another? Every time I see a form of kindness, my heart grows, and I really do hope that one day, I won’t be afraid of wearing it on my sleeve.

And for you Rok, thank you for being so damn kind and for making your work on a whole new level which makes us gasp every time we see it! ?

Check out Rok and his work on his Instagram page HERE


  1. September 14, 2017 / 21:45

    Rok je tudi meni eden najboljših fotografov v Sloveniji, ti pa ena izmed najljubših blogerk! ❤️Drugače pa… Obvlada! Super fotografije – čudovito izgledaš.

    Sem vesela, da si imela priložnost sodelovati z njim.


    • September 25, 2017 / 20:51

      Awwwww hvala si mi kr večer polepšala!! ❤❤ Rok je res čudovit!!

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