Bioderma Cicabio SPF 50+

Hello my loves, it’s time for another blog post.

These days I’m really into beauty and skincare in general so I’m just really excited about this blog post. As you may know from my previous blog post I decided to start a 10 step Korean skincare routine and I swear to you I see even more results. I haven’t seen them when looking in the mirror, but I definitely saw the differences when creating these photos.

Today I decided to talk about SPF, especially for your face, and how it’s essential to wear it wherever you go. I choose Bioderma Cicabio SPF 50+ this time because a lot of you were praising Bioderma in general, so I decided to try out the essential product.

What I learned

When it comes to application, it doesn’t leave that annoying white cast on your face, where you need to wait for the cream to get all soaked in. The application of Bioderma Cicabio SPF 50+ is absolutely super smooth and it leaves your skin with a nice glow. Now let me tell you something, I have really glowy skin in general and it used to bother me so much, but now I really don’t mind. I could shine as bright as a Christmas tree and it wouldn’t bother me at all. It’s funny how we either adapt to certain things in general or just let them be.

I don’t know if you already saw this but for all of you who have absolutely no idea how much of a face sunscreen you need to apply, you just spread out your palm and put your sunscreen along the length of the three longest fingers on your hand. That can be your orientation when it comes to quantity. For me, I really put as much as I can haha.

Being a redhead has its perks but we need to be even more cautious when it comes to applying sunscreen, so I’m putting it on every single day, no matter what the season is, even when it’s cloudy outside.

Another thing that I noticed is that my skin absorbs the cream super fast and just leaves it with a nice glow. Now I don’t really have to spend money on buying a highlighter because my whole face glows haha.

Cream on itself doesn’t have any perfume in it which really suits my nose, and another thing I found really cute actually is that it’s not white, but it’s this pastel sage green color.

Now that we have our dog Bond, we need to take long walks but every time we leave the house I almost scream, hey wait, let me put my SPF on haha. Now even Žiga knows the whole procedure and he asks me every day did I put on my SPF.

We absolutely need to protect our skin, starting with the right care and then applying as much sunscreen as possible. Also, don’t forget about your neck. I read in one article that the first signs of aging can be seen on our necks, so when I’m doing my skincare I always apply everything down my neck as well. The same goes for sunscreen, I always apply it everywhere.



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