My First Chanel

I have no idea what took me so long, but to be honest I kind of have huge respect for this brand. I always imagined wearing Chanel when I grow up, and I really become a woman. That happened ages ago, but somehow I still feel like a child.

It feels as if I finished college 2 years ago while it’s been so long since I smelled the rich scent of the sea. I studied by the seaside that’s why I’m so poetic about it.

I remember doing an impression on Coco Chanel but wait for it, in sign language. We had sign language program and that was probably the best part of my master’s degree. I’ve always found deaf people so fascinating, I’ve always observed their gestures, and it always moved me how people can communicate without saying anything.

I will never forget the facial expression my professor and his mother had. It just warmed my heart to represent someone who had such a huge impact on fashion. For God’s sake, she popularized wearing woman’s pants and made them a fashion staple!

For my first Chanel, I have to be honest, I went to the drugstore and played around with lipsticks, figuring out which one suits me the best.
I’m not brave enough to wear the ultimate red shade and I’ll probably never be. But I fell in love with a very particular shade called Chanel Dominant

Somehow I’m really into shiny lipsticks at the moment. Scratch that, I’m into everything that shines and has a bit of either gloss or glitter.
I know right? Who are you and what you’ve done to Anastasija.

I’m absolutely obsessed with this shade. I don’t know if I’m going to wear it on a daily basis but I’m most definitely going to make special events in my life even more special.

When applying it I really love to dab it slightly and then use my fingers to spread it out. I’m more into messy lipstick look as if you were kissing around the corner type of look. 😛 I also got myself a brush for lipstick application which I use if I really need to be precise. I’m that type of a person that never really learned how to put lipstick on with lipstick if that makes sense?? So this brush really helps me.

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post. I have so many other Chanel products on my Notino wishlist which is so easy to create. So I hope I’ll talk more about their products in my next posts.

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