When You Find That Perfect Pair

Today, I’m talking about shoes, not any type of shoes, heels to be precise. I don’t know when or how I became obsessed with heels, but it happened. There are so many choices and I found just the right site for you to find heels, sneakers, boots any type of shoes ON A BUDGET. And when I say on a budget I mean on a budget. This is not a place for lies or telling you a 100€ shoe is on a budget because I think that’s just insane! I bought this heels for exactly 16,85€ on online store called Hidden Fashion!

B U Y   T H E M


I would also love to shine a light on this beautiful dress from SHEIN. I adore it, it’s the most beautiful silhouette and I’m so happy I got to wear it before the cold days start. I know it’s almost the end of summer, but this silhuette and color will not go out of style, I think ever!

B U Y   D R E S S


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