Three Most Comfortable Trousers (Tally Weijl)

So, December has started, and we all know what that means! For tall people, it means we will get cold in the feet and then get sick haha. I’m just kidding, but it’s annoying finding the perfect length of jeans. It seems like every pair of trousers are created for ankle length, which sucks! I won’t say I have found just the right length for me, but I sure did found myself pants and jeans that are comfortable! I can’t stress enough about Tally Weijl having the coziest jeans or pants probably ever! I started noticing that when you come to a certain age (you see, I’m a 100 years old), you see that you don’t like if something isn’t as comfortable as it should be. You don’t like if you’re cold, you don’t like if something is poking you or makes your skin scratch. I’m the most annoyed if I buy myself jeans and they’re not as comfy as I thought because I forgot to take a seat in a dressing room. I always do that just so I can see how the pants are behaving, I almost have like full-on training in there (I squat, I’m bending over like a crazy person, and so on, and so on). You should try it next time when you’re buying yourself a pair of pants!


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