White Stripes

I had a totally different blog post planed for today, because there’s a question that’s getting under my skin lately and that is: Are people still reading blogs?  But I guess I will leave this one for a bright day where my thoughts are actually collected and not filled with frustration. Let’s just say that!

I will focus on my outfit which I absolutely adore! I have to say that I felt so comfortable, I really did! This is my purest tomboy-ish moment, and I missed it! I noticed that my style is changing a whole lot. I really don’t like anything that’s uptight, ugh I just hate that feeling of being uncomfortable. I remember being young and stupid, wearing the stupidest clothes ever! I would actually wear only a sweater in the middle of the winter because wait for it… it was cute? I must have been out of my mind! Now, there’s no chance you’ll see me walking in a sweater in the middle of winter. This photos took me 5 minutes and then I just ran to the car! Now I’m practically walking around with a blanket! Oh, the beauty of adapting.

I randomly stumbled upon this online store called Loavies and they really have such unique pieces! Seriously! I bought this fake leather high waist pants because I just wanted a leather pants that actually fit me. All the leather pants that I have are a size too big, but I bough them against that very important detail, just because I love the look of fake leather!

B U Y   P A N T S



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