Coats and Puffy Sleeves

Winter is here (says John Snow) oh wow I’m still annoying you with Game of Thrones jokes? I guess so. Well, winter really is knocking on our dors and here in Slovenia is already super cold! I would say that coats are probably my favorite thing to get excited for in winter, well accept Christmass, I’m super into Christmass. But there’s also a downside to wearing coats. If you have long hair, as I do, they will get caught between your shirt and jacket/coat and they will rub against each other and your hair will somehow come out like a freshly knitted pullover.  The knots are seriously unbelievable. I would probably say that winter is that time of the year where I’m seriously deciding if I should cut my hair to a bob or just shave all of it.

But all jokes aside I have two really unique coats to show you today from SHEIN, so I hope I inspire you to gift yourself something special. It doesn’t have to be a special day, it can just be Friday, like today. Don’t forget to check out ther Black Friday sales (they’re insane!)

Also, use my code anastasija15 and get yourself 15% off your purchase!

Buy Pink coat


Buy White Coat






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