Tally Weijl Pt. 2

I had a little vacation, so I decided that I’m not going to post anything on the blog because I just needed a little time to myself and it was amazing! Žiga and I went to Moravske Toplice, and I already miss our time, feeling so blissful and not having a care in the world, except what to eat. But I really missed doing content, and don’t worry, I have so many things to show you and can’t wait to post all of my new posts.

I had yet another collaboration with amazing store T A L L Y    W E I J L I’m so grateful for all of the opportunities that I get along with my blogging ”career.” I think that if you wear white this summer, you can’t go wrong, let me correct myself if you wear white anytime, you can’t go wrong (except if you’re attendee at somebodies wedding, you can’t wear white then). This summer, white is just exploding! White maxi, midi dresses, even better, button up white A-line dresses are just super trendy this year. I remember how huge was red last summer, but for this year white is being the Queen. Because of that I decided to pick up a beautiful boohoo maxi white dress and combine it with evergreen, the denim jacket! I hope you like it!

B U Y   D R E S S


B U Y   J A C K E T



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