Flowers Are Girl’s Best Friend

I have said it, and I’m saying it again! I have fallen deeply in love with this AMAZING romper from Shein I love the whole bohemian vibe, and those bell sleaves could not be cuter! And talking about the print! Flower print will forever be my favorite one. I’m not saying I love every flower print there is, but this one is seriously so damn beautiful! Oh, and another detail is open back! Like.. does it get any better? Tell me! It’s so comfortable, and it feels like you’re wearing nothing! This piece is my favorite to wear this summer and since the weather is getting all crazy, you can easily put o a white sweater and you got yourself another outfit!

B U Y   R O M P E R


K O M B I N E Z O N   K U P I


B U Y    S I L V E R   H E E L S


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