This is the place where I used to play as a child. It’s a place where I fell and bruised myself, cried for 5 seconds and then play again as nothing happened. It’s a place where my friend told me she had a crush on our schoolmate. It’s a place where me and my childhood friends buried a box with our memories in it just because we thought it was super cool of us to do it. It’s a place where I had my first photoshoot and photos were pretty much amazing. It’s a place where Katarina went to the lake in April and then got bumps on her skin because she is allergic to cold (I was under so much stress). It’s funny that this place has not changed even slightly, maybe there’s a tree missing, and the branches are all over the place, but I have changed so much from then, but it’s great to get to this place and just relive those memories.

B U Y    D R E S S



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