Summer Shower

I thought today was going to rain, and I would write that this post suits perfectly for this gloomy weather, but today sun came to visit, so Instead of that, I’m going to admit that this was by far the most spontaneous shoot in my life. I’m not that type of a person who is like:’’ Let’s take some photos.’’ I can’t imagine doing that! I’m very organized and a huge perfectionist and a planner but I don’t use planners though, I don’t quite like them to be honest, but maybe they’ll grew on me some day! I wanted to show you this cute dress, but then the rain catch mine and my boyfriend’s ass and I said why not capture this dress in the rain? I think that was the most random moment in my entire life.? So we went with the idea, some neighbors were giving me a side-eye, I ate some of my hair in the middle of making this mess, but it was worth it because I love the results!

We went inside laughing like crazy and the light inside was just amazing so we created a portrait that I always wanted to create. It’s true, I look like Darth Vader saying:” Luke I am your father” with that white reflection going trough my eyes. ? It is what it is.

A lot of you DMed me about how I edit my photos and to do more before/after posts, and post process. I have another one for you. I love to add earthy tones, brown is my favorite color ❤

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  1. Super fotke so vama uspele, sploh portret na koncu <3

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