There’s a certain point in your life when you start noticing that you’re changing. Your mind is changing and extending to a whole new level, your body is changing, and you can’t afford to have a couch ass from sitting that much and eating last crumbs of nachos off of your shirt. You have to work out because you’re not 16 years old anymore when you could eat all the junk food in the world, and you didn’t host your number one fan called cellulite.

I will paraphrase my first sentence because I honestly don’t believe that people change. As Joseph Burgo once said, most people don’t change; they just become more the way they already are. We are only adapting or adjusting to certain circumstances. We are incapable of changing our nature! I must have said these words thousands of times in my life.  For example, I always was a shy person, I never spoke my mind, if something was happening to me and I knew it was a bad thing, I didn’t react and speak my mind. If a person was bullying me I never said stop or leave me alone, instead of that, I urged to hide all that inside of me until I exploded! As I look back to a person that I was six years ago, I still see me as a shy and socially awkward person, but I grew so much from then.

You see, you know that you’re growing up when you don’t have time for a certain type of drama, when you’re in physical pain when somebody is starting gossiping in your presence, and I’m talking about bashing someone for no reason! When you just can’t handle fake smiles and weird scenarios, when you don’t want to be in a certain place where you don’t feel good or like yourself, when you don’t pretend to be somebody else, when you don’t want to deal with people that aren’t serious.  You are more calm, more reasonable, but somehow you lost your patience along the way hahahah. You start resolving problems with a whole new attitude (I’m still working on that part), but I started noticing that I’m adapting to my adult life.

I never thought I would ever feel this way and that I would use word an adult, I will always be a child because I really can’t be serious, but I learned when and in what situations you just can’t afford to be weird.

 I don’t want to use word growing up because it’s so serious, instead of that you’re blossoming! ❤

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