Stripes Pt.2

Okay, I guess I have a problem since I’m noticing I’ve been obsessing over stripes. But not only stripes, but I also love everything that has a little spark to it, and I guess that’s just patterns in general? Haha! I already created a little post with the stripy top a little while back, but I needed to share with you this one since it’s even more special. I paired it with my favorite faux leather pants from LOAVIES. They’re my favorite pants ever! And this is probably my favorite sweater this season. They go together like avocado and toast!

You probably noticed that posts that I’ve done lately are practically the same, but that’s only because I don’t quite love winter in general, like I love watching snow falling from the inside out (as if it already snowed, it hasn’t just to be clear), but to be outside in the cold… that just doesn’t cross my mind at all haha. Hope you enjoy posts that I’m doing inside.

B U Y   T O P


B U Y   P A N T S



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