How To Create Mermaid Curls

Hello my loves, and welcome back to yet another hair-related post.

I’m super excited, for this one because I have never imagined these curls would flatter and elevate my hair to the next level. Just yesterday I shared my stories about how they look and your response was absolutely amazing, so thank you for that!

I’ve never really imagined doing beach waves on my length, my hair is not short but it’s not even super long like it used to be, I haven’t cut them in about half a year and I’m thinking of going to the hairdresser but now that I created this look… I’m kind of doubting that decision.

I created these curls with Belissima my Pro Beach waves GT20 100. I was searching for the one that has adjustable curl size and this one has 2 different sizes. With a simple button press, you can easily switch from one size to another. I personally like using a size that creates bigger curls.

It took me some time to get myself the beach waves curler and now that I have it I can’t believe what I’ve been missing.

Some other things I noticed:

The volume

My hair is kind of heavy so volume doesn’t really exist in my vocabulary, I just have to help myself with other hair products to achieve something. But if you start doing curls at the very top of your head, the curls are going to boost your roots and create volume. I couldn’t believe it myself! So there’s a huge plus on my end.

Hair length

You know when you’re curling your hair and they actually shrink? Well, my hair didn’t shrink with this one at all, maybe for a half-centimeter but that’s all! They kept their natural length and I couldn’t be happier about it!

Short hair and beach waves

You’re probably wondering how would this look if you have for example bob cut. Let me tell you, it looks absolutely fabulous! I can’t show you on my hair but just last weekend, my friends came to visit and one of them had beach waves on a bob cut and I had no idea they used the beach waves hair curler. They looked so natural, and they just gave it so much volume.



Start from the top

This is probably essential when doing beach waves. Even if you would braid your hair, you wouldn’t start in the middle, so make sure you really go up to the top, ask your mom, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend for help, because if you start somewhere in the middle it will definitely look weird. It was really hard for me to go really, really up to the top, but that’s just because of my poor coordination skills haha. So I asked a friend to help me out.

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post and I do really hope you try it out. In the beginning, it will be a little bit weird because there’s a whole new hairstyle to work with, but once you got around it you won’t stop bouncing around and showing it to everyone.

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