Collistar Face Magic Drops

Hello, my loves. Here I am with yet another beauty related post. I would never have guessed I would ever write beauty posts but I love learning and experimenting with beauty products in general, so here I am!

If you follow me, then you must know how obsessed I am with self-tanning products. I have to say I’ve been using them for quite some time now and I’ve learned a few tips and tricks along the way!

The one thing I get asked the most is how to actually tan your face? Do you apply the mousse that you’ve been using on your body, do you have a totally separate tanning product for the face?

There is a variety of products out there for tanning your face. Did you know there are even face masks or sheets that are colored and you can put them on and spread whatever’s left from it throughout your face? I had no idea!

So how do I tan my face?

I tan my face with the same mousse, I tan my body. I use the Real Techniques brush to help spread out my tan. Some use their application mitt, but I just can’t do that, the mitt already touched and went through my whole body so why would I ever put that on my face?

As I said, I use a mousse when it comes to tanning my face, but you also need to know that the tan will most likely vanish from your face and your hands first. Why? Because you’re washing your face at least 2 times per day and you have your hands under the water at all times. When you’re washing the dishes, cleaning your house, washing your face, etc.

That’s where Collistar face magic drops come handy. Instead of tanning my face with the mousse every 2 days, I simply apply the Collistar tanning drops every night before going to sleep and my face gets instant golden glow. I can’t stress enough how many times I wanted to try them out.

I personally prefer drops that are already colored, that’s how you’ll know exactly where you’re applying the product.


I personally wash and cleanse my skin and then put on a night cream from Elemis. When the pores absorb all the cream, I then put 5 drops into my hands and just apply Collistar drops on my face. After application, I recommend washing your hands.

And that’s literally it! It’s so simple and you don’t need to worry about applying another layer of self-tan onto your face every other day. You can easily include another thing into your night routine which will most definitely give your skin a healthy glow!

I never really used only self-tan drops to tan my face, I always tan my face with mousse and then upgrade my tan on the face every night with Collistar drops, so my tan won’t fade away!

I really love using these drops in the summer since I don’t wear any type of foundation, I only use concealer under my eyes and that’s it. They give you the most amazing sun-kissed look ever!! I hope you try them out and let me know how it came out!



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