Why am I Sticking With Aussie

This is quite an easy question to answer actually! I’ve been using the Aussie brand for almost a decade now and I swear I never really tried anything else. There has been a period of time where I used Moroccan oil and it was great but their range of hair products is quite expensive, to be honest, and when I was a student I just couldn’t afford it and I went back to my favorite, Aussie!

I also was quite happy when some of you approached me and said you’ve been using Aussie as well and that your hair never smelled better and it warmed my heart! So I decided to write a whole blog post about it and share with you which products I’ve purchased lately and what are the reasons I’m so obsessed with it.

The smell

The smell is something that doesn’t really play a big part for me when it comes to hair products, most of them vanish within a few hours so I don’t bother with that at all! I mean don’t get me wrong you can’t really go wrong with picking up any type of hair extension product when it comes to smell, because they all smell amazing, but believe me when I say, Aussie products smell like bubble gum and the smell follows you wherever you go.

I remember being at the post office one time, it’s already been the second day of hair wash I didn’t wear a perfume that day and I forgot my credit card on a counter. A random guy ran after me screaming hey lady, you forgot your card and I went red like a lobster, thanked him and then he said he recognized the perfume, so he just followed the scent, which we all can agree is a little creepy but hey, that was Aussie!!!


Aussie products are a PETA certified cruelty-free brand, so you can be kind to all the animals and have perfect, bouncy hair and defined curls, too. And I quote:” There are other ways to test hair care products to make sure they’re safe and effective and it doesn’t involve animals. Cruelty-free hair care is the way forward. The Aussie shampoo is cruelty-free, just like every other product within our range. If there’s an Aussie kangaroo on the bottle, you know it’s safe for you and PETA Cruelty-Free certified.

So, how can you make sure you’re doing the right thing? You can make a difference by making conscious decisions when buying products, making sure they’re PETA certified. Here’s a tip; you can check PETA’s website to make sure that you are buying a cruelty-free product. The certification from PETA is a sure way to know that the product is animal cruelty-free.”


You can probably imagine that I use their whole range of products because I love testing something new within a brand that I love!! I always get compliments on my hair, people keep asking me how are they so shiny and not damaged at all, and the answer to that my friend is Aussie! I also read about them being super kind to curly hair, so if you have curly hair and don’t know what else to try, I can not recommend Aussie enough!


I already talked about this in my previous posts but I love when brands do something personalized and I’m not talking about putting your name on the bottle but I really love their ”sense of humor” that shows on the bottles of shampoos and conditioners. There’s a little quote written on the bottles if you have dry, curly, damaged, or oily hair there’s always something written on the bottle that puts a smile on your face, so pay attention when buying Aussie products!

Which products I’m using?

Right now, I’m using their Miracle Moist Shampoo which gives my hair all the nutrients it needs.

I also use their conditioner and the 3-minute Miracle Shine which I sometimes use instead of conditioner, just to give my hair a fresh touch. It’s all about miracles when it comes to Aussie.

When my hair is wet I then use their incredible Shine On Serum which nourishes and gives my hair well… a shine! 😀

And their Scent-sational Shine, also on a wet hair and you don’t need to rinse both serum and the Scent-sational Shine off. You just leave it and let them do their magic! This one makes my hair feel like a butter!!

There you go, I hope you learned something and you try Aussie products as well. As I said I’m using these products for almost a decade now and they never disappoint me!


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